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Tombook is a parent supporting products that has the advantage of being educational too.
It can playback the voice of any family member that read stories to children.
Using magic stickers, you can record stories for children without buying any specially designed reading material.
A voice stored in Tombook can be a great way of showing affection for children, even when you are not with them.

Product details

What is in the box?

When you give a Tombook to your child, you don't just give a book, you give your voice, too.
Contains : Tombook device, 101 magic stickers, cabe, manual, quick-start guide
*You can purchase up to magic stickers

Key Information

a personal touch
Tombook is unique.
It is the only one in the world that contains your voice.
fafvorite books
You can record any book on the baby's bookshelf.
*Tombook is able to store up to 500 story book recordings.

full of joy
Just using a magic sticker transforms a book into a personal posession, where children can enjoy hearing mom and dad's voice.

Touch sticker on the sensor → Press record button → Read story book → Finish!

Tip for using

for mom and dad
Don't struggle to find the time to read books.
Now enjoy the experience of reading books.
for grandparents
Even though you may be far away, you can still be close to your grand-children.

for baby in the womb
Hearing a story can help the unborn child become familiar with a parent voice.
Tombook can help with this by removing the chore of reading frequently.
It also helps with educating before birth.

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